NAVET Analytics

NAVET Analytics services include:

– Analysis
– Subscriptions
– Consulting
– Surveys


Knowing is knowledge. Regardless of industry and regardless of challenges, we help our customers make the right decisions for better business. We have long experience of advisory assignments that go directly into customers’ strategic decision-making. We also possess solid experience of surveys, analyzes and surveys in the construction, installation and real estate sector. The technology and methodology is well proven but has now been focussed within AI – Artificial Intelligence – and gives you completely new world-leading opportunities, regardless of industry, in observing groups’ behavior, attitude, tonality and purpose – today and tomorrow.


A knowledge evolution

In the digital era, you have completely new opportunities when it comes to reading the target groups and areas of interest that are important to your business. The possibilities are huge, the limitations are few. What does, say, express and share your target group, customer or society as a whole in the digital sphere around a specific issue, a brand, a trend or a product and what is it that drives different social groups on different issues?

We work with QUILT.AI and can offer a very powerful alternative to the traditional research. With our own developers and deep knowledge in anthropology, we provide you with the best of
both worlds, Big Data with AI and human interpretation. You have never had more opportunities to acquire knowledge that leads to the right decision for better business.

At present, trends and behaviors at 1.5 billion consumption opportunities in 500 cities in 70 countries have been interpreted. What are people looking for, what do they write about, what news are they interested in, how do they interact with companies and messages they get in contact with, when and where? Who influences who, how and why? The AI-​​engine interprets images, video, text as well as keywords and understands irony, sarcasm and expression symbols – interwoven this gives us a deeper understanding of the context and events that our customers act upon. The technology offers infinitely more than the tools that scan social media at present.

All information is collected, interpreted and illustrated in an effective way. The AI-component allows us to make interpretations in several dimensions and we can follow associations in
several stages. We can determine in real time what is emotionally important, how well a message reaches a particular target group and how your brand is positioned in the market. The technology also makes you a trend-tier of rank.


Visit Quilt´s website here: QUILT.AI

Sydsverige Live

Sydsverige Live! - 2019

Sydsverige Live är en omfattande analys av tillväxten och dess villkor i Sydsverige. Rapporten bygger både på officiell statistik och över 150 intervjuer med företagsledare. Bakom rapporten står Navet, Sydsvenska Handelskammaren och Länsförsäkringsbolagen i södra Sverige.

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Bättre affärer-dagen

ÅTERBLICK från Bättre affärer-dagen 2018

Bättre affärer-dagen Se filmen från Bättre affärer-dagen 2018 den 7 november på Malmö Live. Föreläste på scen gjorde bl.a. Anna Kinberg Batra, Anders Bouvin, Sarah Wittbom, Henrik Mitelman, Lewis Horne och Martin Güll. Klicka på bilden till vänster eller på länken nedan för att se filmen.
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NAVET Corporate Finance

We help companies through the entire transaction process, from analysis, valuation and due diligence to advisory and problem solving in connection with acquisitions, restructuring and capital raising.

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NAVET Business Development

Navet takes full responsibility for financial management assignments, from accounting, analysis and reporting, to the preparation of the annual and consolidated financial statements. Most of our specialists have a background as CFO or controller from leading businesses.

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Business Systems

The basic success factors of a company are the quality of the methods, systems and processes that govern the business. This is especially true when companies are facing a change. The Navet management consultants have many years of experience in business systems and business intelligence.

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Bättre affärer-dagen

NAVET Analytics

Med världsledande teknik och metodik inom AI & Digital etnografi tillhandahåller vi analys, bevakning, rådgivning och skräddarsydda undersökningar. Genom omfattande faktainsamling skapas en klar bild av de faktorer som påverkar din marknad. Vi hjälper våra kunder att fatta rätt beslut för bättre affärer.

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